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The right tire is an important aspect of your vintage riding experience. You want a look for the bike to keep it in the "era" yet you want a tire that is safe and handles well. The tires we have listed on our site are some of the ones we carry just for vintage bikes. They have modern compounds for handling and safety. All are built to a standard that must pass federal government requirements.  Modern replacement tires no matter who manufactures them surpass the quality of OEM tires of the 50’s, 60’ and 70’s. Yet most are copies of great tread designs from the vintage and classic era of motorcycles. They give your bike the look you are after.

Legends stocks  many other tires for your vintage bikes. If you don't see the type and size your bike requires email us. We are vintage tire specialists
Our tire line is availble for shippment world wide.
$29.95 and up! Why take a chance on a old hard used tire?

Legends Motorcycles Inc.

The Merchants of Vintage