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 Legends is involved in vintage motocross and dirt track or flat track racing.  We race what we sale and have "field” tested these products. This is just a few of the parts we carry to help make you a trophy winner

Competition Handle Bars
Dirt Track


The right handle bar bend and height contribute to your successful control of a race bike.

Top to bottom these are;

 Dirt track # 10. 34" wide, 4 1/2" rise, 8" pull back, 4-1/2 center widths

Tall alloy aluminum vintage mx bars 33" w, 4.25 rise, 2.95 p/b, and 140mm center

Steel motocross bars 32"w, 3.25" rise, 2.50 p/b, and 145mm center.

Available but not pictured dirt track bars;

Dirt track # 8 bars 32 1/2 width, 5" rise, 9" pull back, 5" center mount width

Dirt track #24, 33 1/2widths, 8 1/2 pull back, 5" center mount width
Pictured top to bottom;
Dirt Track # 10 bend chrome steel bars $39.99
Vintage MX Tall Alloy Bars $39.99
Vintage MX Steel Medium Height $35.99


Replacement throttles and levers for racing.  The throttle is a Single cable throttle in the side mount or Gunnar Gasser style. Levers are alloy aluminum with clamp mounts for quick removal and replacement after doing a dirt sampling! Long levers with black perches in the Magura style of the early to mid 1970's or short levers in the Magura power lever style of the late70's and 1980's. Both are for the drum brake style brake system.

Gasser and go!
Throttle $20.95
Long MX $21.99
Short MX $21.99
Not pictured is a universal  gunner gaser type throttle with a cable to fit many Honda models of the CR and XL of the 1970's and 1980's. This combination for the Hondas only $24.99.
Racers Tip; Keep a spare set of levers in your race box.



Legends Motorcycles Inc.

The Merchants of Vintage