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Switches to control the flow of your pal and mine, Reddi Kilowatt! Defeat the curse of Mr. Lucas and come out from the dark side with these replacement switches. Worn switches contribute to many an English bikes electric woe. We have switches for rear brake lights, the control of headlights for both off/on as well as the dimming of the beams. Motor control switches to "kill" the engine as well as sound the horn.

Pictured switches include starting top left; the Lucas style "dipper" and horn combination with wiring harness. Top center is the two-position switch for high low beam or engine off. Next top right is an all chrome engine kill switch. Right center is a high low beam switch with a horn or engine kill button built in.

Center is a simple kill switch with the red button

Bottom is a universal brake light switch. Fame mounts with the brake rod clamp and spring assembly.  





Dipper Switch is $19.99

Two-position switch is $9.99

Chrome kill button is $8.99

HI/Low horn Combo $10.99

Red Kill button switch $6.99

Rear Brake light switch  $9.99





Give the ol' gal a new lease on life! If your shocks mounts are knackered then a set of these replacement mounting rubbers and sleeves are just the fix. Works great for your OEM, Koni, and many others.




Sets include three sizes of rubbers and sleeves with washers. Pictured is a single set for clarity but an ordered set includes double what’s pictured. That's enough for both ends of a pair of shocks.




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Replacement Triumph Clutch drum or basket. Replaces oem number 57-1570. Fits the unit construction twins.

A well-worn sprocket eats power and if your engagement or bearing surfaces are knackered on your drum it prevents the clutch for operating smoothly. Dump the jerking and slipping caused by a wobbling clutch assembly by replacing the drum.


Legends Motorcycles Inc.

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