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At any given moment we have several classic motorcycles for sale. These include makes and models from around the planet because as Walt said, "it's a small world after all!"

We have a Basket case 1966 Matchless G 80. Looks similar to the AJS pictured. Last year for that model and the end of the line for the once proud Matchless line. All the sheet metal is there and has been paint stripped. This was an abandoned customer bike. They took it down then declined to finish it. A very complete bike. Wheels are nice with good chrome on the OEM rims. The top end of the motor is off. Transmission is complete and together. I can be shipped in the lower 48 in boxes for about $350.00

Another classic coming soon.

more coming soon
$ sold  a new bike will be up for sale soon


 We have a 1965 Kawasaki W 1 650. Fresh barn find. It could look just like the one picture after your restoration. Motor turn over, low mileage bike. A hard to find first year model. A complete and together bike. We can ship in the lower 38 for about $400.00
We have several nice classics being prepared for sale. Look for them soon!

Legends Motorcycles Inc.

The Merchants of Vintage