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The truth is old Beemer’s never die. Shoot, they never even learn to mark their spots like most  mature motorcycles. If you love your Air Heads take a look at these classic accessories for your riding enjoyment. Go on...get your bike a new toy. It deserves it!

BMW Black Sport Mirrirs
.Black long stem mirrors for the classic Air Head twins. Uses the commom 8 mm mounting holes on your control perches. The Stems are about 7 1/2  long, the glas is flat and these babies will let you view more then your arm pits.
Sorry we are sold out!

BMW,  Krauser, Soft Luggage inserts for SaddleBags 

These Olympic soft bags are perfect for the motorcycle traveler. Allows you to leave the hard bags on the bike and pack everything in the comfort of your humble abode.  Perfect for those road trips or just to go do laundry over at moms! They are available in the black with brown trim or the space traveler silver with black trim. Well make from a heavy-duty nylon material so they are expandable.

Roomy interior main compartment with a smaller out side zippered pocket to separate those dirty unmentionables!

 Bag Measurements of 18” long, 14” high and expanded width of about 6”. Convenient carrying handle so you can look presentable when checking into the Ritz Carlton.

 Choice of colors price per pair $34.99 


  Krauser style bag mounts with luggage Rack

This rack and bag mounts are another great NOS  (new old stock) Olympic item. Fits all the twin shock Air Head BMW's /5, /6, /7from 1970 to 1980’s era.  Made from a light weight cast aluminum then black wrinkled painted. The actual mounting brackets dictated the length so they will fit both short and long wheel base bikes. To be sure this is just the mounts and rack, has no mounting hardware or assembly hardware but resourceful airhead riders won't let that stop them. We bought the last of these no longer produced items from the factory and you can save a bundle with a lil' fabrication and a trip to the hardware store.



Legends Motorcycles Inc.

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