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Some of these items are about all gone. Small quanities are all we have left. If you own one of these classic get the parts while you can.

Daytona Fork Braces

Our line of Daytona fork braces will improve the handling on your classic bike. Unfortunately the one we have listed are the only models we have. Daytona has ceased production of this line of classic braces so don't wait to get one for your favorite.

By design the Daytona brace mounts of the fork boots on many applications to allow a floating of the brace. They feel it allows for a more controlled bracing of the forks while taking into consideration the differences from bike to bike from mass production.  A braces fit is paramount to the bike handling correctly, becasue of this if the brace wasn't made for your bike it probably won't adapt without a problem..

We have braces for the following models:


CX 500 DLX

CX 500 C '82



KZ 550, 550 GPZ, KZ 550 H ’81-82

KZ 650 CSR, KZ 750 CSR, KZ 750 LTD

KZ 750 Spectre





Universal Factory style tool Kit

Most Japanese bikes were delivered new with a small factory tool kits. If your classic has an empty spot where the factory tool kit belongs replace it with this affordable OEM styled kit. Comes with a handy tool pouch just like the factory and the following tools; Phillips and standard screw drives with changeable handles, Spark plug wrench & Tommy bar for 14 mm, three open end wrenches for 8, 10, 12, 14, 17mm, a pair of pliers, and an Allen wrench assortment. Enough to get you home when the mechanical emergency arises.




Handle Bars for your Japanese Classic

Choices include the cafe bars: 28" wide, 6" pull back and 4.8" center mounts. 

Low rise Super bike  bend bars: 29.5" wide, 3" rise, 3" pull back and 4" center.

 Flat or drag bars: 28" wide, 3.85” pull back, 51/2" mounting center.

 Cafe Bars $29.99
Super bike $25.99
Drag Bars $21.99

Legends Motorcycles Inc.

The Merchants of Vintage