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More of or selection of parts for your classic Japanese motorcycles. Bet you can't own just one!


Keep it cool with these unique oil coolers from ISO-Cool. Space age technology developed in the 70's space race brought to you for oil cooling on your classic ride.

 Honda Oil Coolers

The space race brought more than Tang to the table. The need for self-contained cooling of may items led to technology that filtered down to the motorcycle industry. These Iso Cools replace the dipstick on your engine in most instances. The hollow tube is filled with a patent liquid they attracts harmful heat away from your motor to the billet aluminum finned tower where it is dissipated in the air stream. No worry about leaks or hassles mounting. Ain't technology great?

We have models to fit Honda: XR 50, XR 75 and 80, CB, CL, SL 125, the CL, CB, SL 175 twins, the 350 twins CL, CB, SL 350, the CB CL 450 and 500 twins, CB 350 and 400 F.

$21.99 for all models except
CB 750 K single overhead cam $27.99


A classic renovation begins with a great running motor. If you need valves or pistons we carry many NOS and obsolete pistons and valves for classic Japanese bikes. Four strokes or two strokes we have a selection for many of the rare models. Our stock and selection changes as we obtain and exhaust the limited amount of old stock. What items we have today might be all gone tomorrow.

Currently stock includes the following pistons and valves.



Honda CB 450 and CB 500T exhaust valves $19.99 a pair

Honda CX 500, 8 valve engine sets only $44.99.

Honda CM 400, 6 valve engine sets only $41.99


Kawasaki KZ 750 models twins ART piston kits available in over sizes.25-.75mm per pair $65.99

Kawasaki KZ 750 Valve sets. Two intakes and two exhausts valves per set NOS STD sizes a set $49.99


Kawasaki F 9 two stroke .50mm each just $29.99

Kawasaki F 11 two stroke .50mm each kit $29.99


Yamaha TX and XS 500 twin piston kits  .25,.50 and .75 mm over sizes per pair kits $49.99

Yamaha TX and XS 500 4 valve per cylinder twins, engine valve sets are only $49.99 (that's 8 valves total).

Yamaha DT 1, DT 2, AT 1, CT 1 STD size piston kits sold by the each $29.99




If your mother advised you to keep it clean we know she meant the air and oil running through your motorcycle. Air and oil filter kits get keep your classic feeling it's best for yours of enjoyment.  We have air filters in both OEM paper style and cleanable oil/gauze type for many classics like the Yamaha RD 350 2 stroke twins. Oil filters for some rare models including the Yamaha TX and XS 500 8 valve twins.
 For Example; Got a CB 750 K Honda, a gauze type cleanable air filter oil filter kit just $24.99 Yamaha Virago XV 750 or 920 81-83 are also just $24.99 the pair. We carry  many, many more, just ask.



If you classic's ignition seems to have lost it's thrill a tune-up with a new set of points and condensers will give it that old spark again. Tune kits with points and condensers for Japanese bikes are only $14.99 to $24.99. Check for availability for your make and model.
Quit forking around with those leaky fork seals! It's a snap you classic will handle better with fork seal replacement. A pair of seals for most makes and models of bikes is just $19.99 to $22.99 a pair.
Tune kits $14.99 to 24.99

Legends Motorcycles Inc.

The Merchants of Vintage