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Here are some of the parts we carry for your classic British motorcycle. Many are universal in nature so have an application for many different makes and models. Not sure if it will work? Just email a question and we can help..

Control your beast.  Chrome all steel levers and throttles with both single and dual cable capability. These are affordable replacements for your classic English bike.


Chrome steel levers fit the British standard 7/8-inch bars.  Complete with he cable adjusters.

Dual or single cable throttle with ribbed grips.  All are Quality replacement for the worn OEM components.

Levers just $22.50

Single cable throttle Assembly is only $21.99

Dual cable throttle assembly for only 23.95


Need levers and throttle? Your choice of throttle (either single or dual cable) along with a pair of the levers just $47.99! 

Don't curse the darkness or Mr. Lucas. Light the way with these replacement light assemblies. Headlight is replacement for the Lucas SSU 700P.  The 7-inch replacement headlight includes the switch as well as the amp meter. Fits many makes and models of fine English motorcycles from the late thirties to the 1960's.  Uses a standard 6-volt  Lucas style bulb that we carry but can be converted to 12 volt with a bulb change (we also have those in stock)..



Headlight assembly complete $139.99.
Two lights pictured for clarity of product offered but price is for one headlight assembly.


We carry two types of Lucas style taillights. Both are well-made and high polished aluminum. One slightly smaller mounting assembly but both lights use the classic 657 type of light


Either mount comes with the taillight assembly pictures. These are 12 volt using the standard 1157 bulbs but can easily be changed to 6 volt with a bulb change.
The smaller sport mount pictured on the right  or the larger  one on the left just $44.99.

Legends Motorcycles Inc.

The Merchants of Vintage