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Plenty of bikes are out there with tire sizes that are getting harder to find. Bikes from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s have sizes that are both smaller and taller then most modern rubber. At Legends we have specialized in providing tires for vintage and classic bikes for years. Whether it's a classic Kawasaki or Suzuki twin or triple, A Vintage Honda four, a fast and furious Yamaha two stroke twin or XS 650,that vintage English Triumph, AJS, BSA, Norton or Enfield, or that 60’s era Harley your bike needs tires for two reasons. Looks and riding, and there is no reason you can’t accomplish both with the same set of tires!  Legends has spent years locating and using the tires we sell. Tires that are currently produced are made of much better materials, with the benefits of modern technology to provide a longer lasting and safer ride. We carry tires in the correct sizes, with the proper aspect ratios and can recommend both sizes and styles from experience. If you need race tires for trials, dirt and flat track, vintage motocross or road racing we have the rubber to fit your needs.    When you need new rubber for your restoration or that favorite classic ride contact us. We will be glad to advise and assist.

Avon Speedmaster Rib
Speedmaster Rib
* A long lasting postive steering classic
* S rated for 113 MPH
* Manufactured from Avon Cling Rubber
* Provides excellent stability  and  
  handling for your classic.
325 X 19 Speedmaster Rib  $98.99
350 X 19 Speedmaster Rib  $99.99
300 X 20 Speedmaster Rib $146.99
300 X 21 Speedmaster Rib $149.99
British Made for your Classic ride!


Avon Safey Mileage
Avon performance and a classic look for the rear of your vintage ride.
500 X 16 Safety Mileage          


Avon Safety Mileage Rear MK II
The definative tire for your classic bike.
400 X 18 Safety Mileage $134.99
350 X 19 Safety Mileage $ 140.99
400 X 19 Safety Mileage $157.99
British Made for your Classic ride!

Legends Motorcycles Inc.

The Merchants of Vintage