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Our collection of parts for your vintage Japanese motorcycle is as varied and eclectic as the many models to manufactured in Japan from the 1960's to the 1980's.  We have many replacement items such as tuning or ignition points, coils and switches. We also carry mirrors, handlebars and levers.   Don't see what you need? Drop us an email and we can help!

Tune kits for Japanese bikes
Tune them up right. We carry points and condensor sets fro many Japanese bikes. Prices are typically $16.99to $29.99 for all the components for a single ignition system.
cut and paste the link below to see most of the kits we carry.


Reflections of the way life use to be?

Mirrors are a great way to prevent life sneaking up on you.


These are classic Yamaha mirrors. The top is for the Yamaha XS 1, XS 1 B and XS 2 models of the XS 650 as well as the Yamaha DT 1, RT 1, AT 1 and the CT 1. It is a genuine Yamaha OEM for right side mounting. We have only the right side  in inventory as the left sides are all gone. NOS with the Yamaha tuning fork logo on the back and still covered in the blue skin for protection..

Next are the replacement TX era mirrors for Yamaha TX and RD series bikes. Uses the typical Yamaha mounting system of an left and right 14mm thread to mount into the perches on the bikes bars. It fits all Yamahas but was OEM on the TX 500, TX 650, TX 750, RD 250, RD 350 and RD 500 as well as the later DT series bikes like the DT 175, etc from the mid 1970's on.

XS and  DT mirror is sold out
TX RD mirror is on back order


Carb Kits for you Japanese Classic


A typical carb kit contains the following; gaskets for the float bowl, and the top cap, o-rings, a needle and seat for the float valve, needle jet, high and low speed jets, clips, pilot screws and idle screw. This however is a just a typical kit and it varies depending upon the bike and the carb manufacture.

We carry kits for over a hundred models of Japanese motorcycles and ATV's. In the Honda line we cover all the classics and many more but for example we have the CB 100, CB 125, CA 77 Dream, the 350 twins and F model fours, 400, 500 and 750 K and F models four cylinders as well as the Gold Wing 1000's including the 1975, '76, '77 and the 78-89 models,  GL 1100 Gold wings  8-83 and the GL 1200's . Honda dirt bikes like the XL 350 and CR 125 and 250 M models. Kawasaki models including the  70's enduro's like the G 3, Ke 100, F 3, F 4. F 5, F 7, F8, F9999, F 11, KZ 550, 650, 900 and 1000 fours, the KZ 750 B models twins, Suzuki triple two strokes and twins including the T 125 Stinger,T 250, T 500 twin, GT 380, GT 550, GT 750 triples the fours like GS 550, 650, 750,850,  1000, Yamahas including all the "T" series from the GT 80 to the AT, CT, DT, RT enduros as well as the street models like the R 5 and RD 350 two stroke twins, the  XS 1 and XS 650 twins, XS 750, 850,  triples amongst others. Don't see your bike on the list?  Just ask for availability and  a price quote price.  

Typically, the number of carbs on the bike is the number of kits you receive and how we price them. A twin gets a pair, a four cylinder the needed four that is how we price them

$16.95 and up

Too see a list of the kits we stock cut and paste the link below in your browser.

Legends Motorcycles Inc.

The Merchants of Vintage