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If you speak "English" be it Norton, Triumph, BSA, Royal Enfield or one of the other lesser know dialects like Matchless or AJS then we have what you need to keep your English Motorcycle looking great.


Bar end mirrors solve the problem of mounting a mirror on a crowed set of bars. Very adjustable for ease of viewing and they fold up for storage convenience. 
Bar ends mount internally to the bars and fit all hallow standard 7/8" bars. They are available in both chrome and black finishes.
$29.95 a pair your choice of color.
 Chrome or Black.


More quality replacement items for your English mount.

Pictured from the left to the right:

Universal British gas cap as used by virtually all Britt bikes. Comes with the retaining clip and chain.

This amp meter of the classic Miller style is a standard replacement size for the headlight hole on many English motorcycles from the 1940’s to 1970’s. .

Prevent fuel problems with this inline see through fuel filer. Come apart for cleaning. Fits standard fuel line sizes.

Loose the buzz with a set of foam grips purpose built to fit the throttle on Classic Britt bikes.

Cable clips secure cables and wiring to handle bars and frames. fit 7/8' to 1" tubing and are sold 10 to a package.

OEM styles exhaust flanges for your Triumph and BSA. Cast with the securing bolt included in 1 1/2 inch ID size. Sold by the pair.
Gas Cap $10.99
Amp Meter $19.99
Fuel Filter 5/16 " $6.99
Comfort Foam Grips $12.99
Cable clips package of ten $8.99
Chrome cast exhaust flanges $22.99


Universal Cables

Many bikes need cable lengths no one makes or worse your bike is an orphan no one makes cables for anymore. Well don't lose control of the situation because these universal throttle, brake and clutch cables can be finished by you to solve the dilemma. These have the control end finished with 3/8" barrels for the brake/clutch levers and the throttle with the 1/4" barrel or ball for throttles and chokes or magneto controls.  Making cables doesn't have to bee a lost art and English bike riders since time begun have built their own. The secret is the correct solder, a sharp pair of dykes cutting pliers and the right flux to clean the ends. Our secret flux is Muratic acid cut 50% with water. Cleans them great allowing the solder to stick completely  and they come out perfect anytime!

$12.99 each

Legends Motorcycles Inc.

The Merchants of Vintage