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On any given Sunday we all know what can happen. If you are a vintage racer or just enjoy the feeling of twisting the throttle on an old dirt bike here's more of what you need


Vintage MX handle bar package

Includes a set of steel bars, aluminum levers and turbo or Gunnar style throttle with grips. An affordable package for the classic racer or just to improve the old trail bike.


Steel motocross bars 32"w, 3.25" rise, 2.50 p/b, and 145mm center.



The Classic  Dirt tracker Bar set 

Over the years we have found like many racers that the old #10 bend is the most comfortable and allows great control of your flat tracker.

This set include a set of aluminum levers, chrome steel bars. a pair of waffled dirt track grips and a gunner style throttle. 


  Mikuni Carb  jettting slide rule

A best guess is never safe when it comes to jetting your racer. This handy little slide rule will help make those jetting decisions a safer proposition. Allows you to maintain jetting when temperature and altitude changes.


Legends Motorcycles Inc.

The Merchants of Vintage