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 Everybody wants their bike to be there own, You  change a few parts and now it is like no other. So it begins!

Take a seat! If you dig the old school classic look we have a pair of seats for you. The button classic "cobra" seat has a metal pan that can be flexed to fit many different bikes contours. Looks and works great on classic Harley Iron head Sportsters and British bikes like Triumph and BSA's. Comes with a noses mounting bracket and has threaded holes in the rear for an easy custom mounting to your favorite classic ride. Seat is 9 inches wide at its widest point is measures about 27 inches in length.

The small solo seat is a page right out of the Wild One. Comes with a nose mounting bracket and 2 inch tall springs to give it the easy rider appeal. The solo is 13 inches long and 9 inches wide.


Gives a lil' bounce to that rigid ride! Add a nostalgic look to any bike!
Legends solo seat set. $45.99


It's a real classic look in brown leather. Heavy Metal pan natural brown leather covered solo seat for the vintage and antique look!

Brown Leather Solo Seat
All metal seat pan.

 Bates style black passenger P pad. Straight out of the 50's styling for your old school custom.         



Legends Motorcycles Inc.

The Merchants of Vintage