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More of our replacement parts for your British Bike. Whether you have an AJS model 18, A Matchless G 80 or G12 CSR, A Triumph T 110 or T140, Norton Commando, Royal Enfield Bullet or Meteor, or a Greeves you just love we have a line of universal replacement parts for you classic ride. Old English bike as we all know are a love affair that can't be explained. You just can't under estimate the power of love.

Starting over? Want to change the looks and feel of your bike?  A complete control set with your choice of bars is an affordable package to shine up your classic and change the look and feel to one you can call your own!


An affordable set of new controls with your choice of bars, it's a major step to bringing a classic English  motorcycle back to it's original status as head of the class. Choices include the cafe bars: 28" wide, 6" pull back and 4.8" center mounts. Euro bend bars: 29.5" wide, 3" rise, 3" pull back and 4" mounting center. Flat or drag bars: 28" wide, 3.85” pull back, 51/2" mounting center.

Pick a bar set above and you'll receive them plus a pair of our chrome steel British style levers and  a single cable metal throttle with grips. A great package for a great price! Need a twin cable throttle for a twin carb bike? It's only $7.00 more.
Cafe bars and Controls $56.99
Euro Bend Bars and Controls $54.99
Flat or Drag Bars and Controls $49.99


Kick out the Jams brothers and Sisters.  Shift your focus with a new selector lever. 


A damaged or worn kicker arm makes the starting process misery. The bent selector arm is bound to leave you shiftless sooner or later. These replacement parts will keep your English steed in tiptop shape.

Pictured from left to right;
 Kicker for Triumph Twins with rubber $39.99
Kicker for BSA Twins and Singles $39.99
Kicker for Norton Twins with rubber $49.99
Shifter levers left to right;
Triumph Twins 4 speed $21.99
Triumph Twins 5 speed $21.99
Norton Twins with rubber  $23.99


Practice safe footing with new rubber pegs for you foot pegs as well as shifter and kick-starters.

Our selection of rubber pegs includes these. Left to right;

BSA 60's up driver foot peg rubbers.

Royal Enfield driver peg rubbers.

Triumph Unit Twins and Singles driver peg rubbers.

In the front;

Triumph Kick-start rubber.

Triumph Shift lever rubber.

BSA Unit Twins and Singles shift lever rubber.
Foot Peg rubbers all models shown $19.99 a pair.
Kick Rubbers $6.99
 Shift rubber $5.99

Legends Motorcycles Inc.

The Merchants of Vintage